By Stephen M. Dent

If you don’t know who Nanette Malcomson is, you’re most likely a new member to the Club. Having been a volunteer at TCOTC for more than twenty-one years, Nanette, and her constant companion Daisy, have done just about everything there is to do at the Club – from managing the front desk, no small feat unto itself, to unclogging the toilets in the restrooms – Nanette has been the “go to” person for a long time.

Besides her husband Kent, the love of her life is Daisy, which she describes as a “challenging dog because of her separation anxiety” and yet, they have been engaged in dog sports including agility, obedience, and tried their hand at tracking and flyball. With the love and attention that Nanette pours on to Daisy, it’s easy to see how dedicated Nanette is to not just the Club, but to Daisy as well.

In a recent interview, I asked Nanette: “What is it about TCOTC that inspires such loyalty?” She quickly responded with “The people – I love to watch them build healthy relationships with their dogs and then watch them grow.” The person that nominated Nanette as Volunteer of the Year, Carol Ouhl, said this about Nanette’s ability to connect with people:

[She]…seems to know every one of [our members] not only by sight but also various personal traits.  Every time I ask who was that person I saw at 10:00 am last Wednesday when I was the only other one there, I always hear – oh, that was probably x; who is at the club with y dog working on z problem.  And she’s always right.

Carol also cites her dedication and tireless efforts in learning and using our new computer system, MindBody, her seemingly unlimited patience with people, and “her scope of knowledge, pleasant attitude always no matter how tired or stressed out she is, [and her] willingness to help anyone with any issue. [She] is a huge asset to this club.” We couldn’t agree more with Carol.

When I asked Nanette what she would like to see in the future of the Club, she said “stay solvent and stay in business for the next fifty years” Then she added with a warm smile, “and continue to do so much good for so many people and their dogs. We’re not in it for the money, we’re in it to do good.”

In addition to her love of TCOTC, Daisy and Kent, Nanette is an avid bicyclist frequently riding her bike from her south Minneapolis home to the Club as well as loving the outdoors and hiking.

There are many reasons that TCOTC is the “premier Club of the North” and one of them is the many people who volunteer. For 2015, we are putting Nanette Malcomson at the head of the list.

If you are interested in volunteering, please let one of our staff know and believe me, Nanette will welcome you with open arms.