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Positive Training Techniques

We use positive-reinforcement clicker training to help you build a positive relationship with your dog.

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Classes and trial opportunities in all major dog sports!

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We’re run by volunteer power, and we work for the love of dogs.

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Great teachers, and devoted assistants and volunteers.

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Staff Profile: Jane Jacobson

Staff Profile: Jane Jacobson

Obedience training is the engine that drives TCOTC, and Jane Jacobson is the engineer that drives the Obedience Department. As Obedience Department Head, Jane’s job includes everything from developing curriculum, scheduling classes, training and supervising...
Become a Friend of TCOTC

Become a Friend of TCOTC

A message from Board President Stephen Dent Dear TCOTC Member: I’m excited to introduce you to our new Friends of TCOTC Program in which you can choose to support the mission and values of TCOTC with a financial contribution over and above your annual membership...
TCOTC members hold our values dear

TCOTC members hold our values dear

A message from our board president: Over the six years I have been a member of TCOTC, I have been consistently impressed by the values our members and staff demonstrate every day. I’ve seen it when our instructors place the safety of our dogs and their humans...