Sports Sampler - new class starting August 11 - 8:15!!

This 6 week class allows dog and handler pairs to try three different sports: Flyball, Agility, and Nose Work. Spend 2 weeks on each sport and begin to learn the skills needed to participate in fun sports!

Class Limit: 8 students

Prerequisite: Level 1 or Basic Training

Class Fee: $100


Class schedule and registration process

Household Manners - New class starting Wednesday July 30 - 7 pm!

This class is for those that want great manners in their home.  Building off of the behaviors learned in Basic Training, we continue working on impulse control, going to a mat or place, and body handling.  New skills trained are sit for petting, hand touch to move the dog, greeting at the door, games, and exiting the house.  This class can be repeated to build the dog’s skills.

Prerequisite: Basic Training or permission of the department head

Public Manners - New class July 22 at 9:30 am!!

Developing skills for your dog to behave politely in the wider human world is what this class is about.  Further work on skills started in Basic Training include sit, down, come, and loose leash walking. New skills started are looking at the handler when faced with distractions, off leash attention, sit for petting, and walking by other dogs while on leash.  This class can be repeated to build the dog’s skills.

Prerequisite: Basic Training or permission of the department head

Impulse Control - New class starting Wednesday July 30 - 8:15pm!

Designed for dogs who want what they see and they want it now! The class will teach dogs to leave and ignore all sorts of distractions and check in with their handler rather than go for whatever they see.  Skills taught are sit and down stay, leave it, attention to handler, polite greeting of people, loose leash walking around distractions, staying on a mat or place, and control play.  This class is for dogs that lack self control, not for reactive dogs.

Prerequisite: Basic Training or permission of the department head

Loose Leash Walking - New class starting Thursday July 17 - 5:50 pm and Monday August 11 - 7:00 pm!

This class is all about training your dog to stop dragging you down the street and to walk politely on leash.  Since all dogs, like people, learn in different ways, each week a different method of teaching loose leash walking is taught with lots of practice ignoring and walking by distractions. The final week involves practicing as a group in an outdoor setting close to TCOTC.

Prerequisite: Basic Training or permission of the department head

Changing Attitudes

Next class starts  August 7, 2014


Class Description: Is your dog easily distracted, unable to work off lead around other dogs, have difficulty concentrating, unable to control their impulses when excited?

Puppy Socialization & Tweeners Classes


Class Description: These classes are limited to younger puppies starting class up to 12 weeks of age. This course covers basic socialization including age appropriate play with other puppies, housetraining, walking on a leash, basic grooming, and coming when called. Common problems such as chewing, jumping, digging, and barking will be addressed. This class meets one hour per week for 4 weeks.  We recommend starting Puppy Socialization as soon as you bring your puppy home.

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