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New Class: Intro to Competition Obedience

New Class: Intro to Competition Obedience

Introduction to Competition Obedience Competition obedience is a dance that requires coordination between the handler and dog. Fluid coordination requires attention, communication, and skills from both the human and the canine. Begin learning that dance in...

Chad and Gopher: A higher calling

Chad and Gopher: A higher calling

Let's face it: Very few of us look a new puppy in the eye and think, "You and I are going to make a difference in the world." But that was Chad Burgess' vision when he and his wife Carla were picking out their first dog from a litter of Golden Retriever puppies. One...

Playing it safe, in the ring and out

Playing it safe, in the ring and out

At TCOTC, our training is often fun and games. You and your dog having fun together helps to build a great relationship. Even better, our games are designed to teach your dog important behaviors that can help them successfully navigate common situations at home and in...