Train your dog,
absolutely positively.

Puppy Classes

Socialization to basic training…

Obedience Classes

Basic training through competition obedience…

Agility Classes

Beginner to champion…

Other classes

Flyball, Therapy Dog, Behavior and more…

Positive Training Techniques

We make sure you build a positive relationship with your dog.

Sports Training and Competition

Classes and trial opportunities in all major dog sports!

A Nonprofit Club

We’re run by volunteer power, and we work for the love of dogs.

Experienced Staff

Great teachers, and devoted assistants and volunteers.

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News & Tips

Want to Earn Free Classes?

Want to Earn Free Classes?

As a non-profit dog training club, the backbone of TCOTC is its members. This club belongs to its members, and without its members, TCOTC would not exist. Almost everyone who checks you in at the front desk, many of our assistant instructors, the board of directors,...
A Spotlight on Conformation Classes

A Spotlight on Conformation Classes

Jim Shea has been instructing conformation classes and holding breed and all-breed seminars for over 35 years.  He began teaching conformation drop-in classes at TCOTC in March 2016. Since then, he’s developed a following of students who rely on his 40 years of...

Your Club Needs You!

Volunteer at one of TCOTC’s upcoming events and fundraisers! You’ll learn new skills, become more familiar with competitions and trials, and get to know your fellow club members. No experience required. Dale Weyhrich Flyball Tournament and Fund Raiser, Oct. 14-16...