More congratulations are in order!

This past weekend Kory Kaye and her sheltie Keyme won a spot on the agility team that will be representing AKC at the FCI “Worlds” this fall in Zaragoza, Spain.

Kory had previously won a spot on the 2016 AKC European Open team that will be competing in France in the summer with Keyme’s son, Kaemon (and Keyme is an alternate for this one).

Kaemon, you may recall, WON the 12” division at the AKC Agility Nationals this past March, thus adding “NAC” to his name for National Agility Champion. And, Keyme was 3rd in that competition, thus Kory had two dogs on the podium.

For those who don’t know the history, Keyme also competed at the 2013 European Open in Hungary, and Kaemon competed in the 2013 FCI World Team in South Africa (winning 2nd place in world competition at that event).

In case anyone is having trouble following the careers of these two dogs, get in line. It took me a while to get their wins straight – as the mother/son combination keep changing places in winning World Team spots!

Last but not least are kudos to Kathy Murphy who bred Keyme and co-bred Kaemon. Both Kory and Kathy are club members and long time agility instructors at TCOTC.

Good luck Kory and Keyme!