Therapy Dog Program

A therapy animal provides affection and comfort to members of the public, typically in facility settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted-living, hospice, shelters, schools, libraries, and physical therapy centers. Therapy animals are not the same as service dogs or emotional support animals.

In therapy classes, you’ll learn the basics of animal-assisted therapy, how to know if your pet would be a good therapy animal, what training you and your pet need to be an animal therapy team, and how to get involved in therapy programs around the Twin Cities area.

Prerequisite: Dog must be at least 18 months old and assessed by Instructor during  Therapy Animal Overview Seminar – Open to members and non-members –  $10 fee and preregistration is required. This seminar is required for any handler who is thinking of starting our Visiting Dog classes. If you think you are close to ready to start with Visiting Dog training you are welcome to bring your dog to this class to be evaluated. Bring lots of treats, no bones. Dogs will go through a short assessment as to their skills walking on a loose leash, sit, down, stay, connection with handler.  All must be preapproved before entering any of the Visiting Dog classes.

Level 1 – $130
Level 2 – $120
Level 3 – $80

Membership is required to take classes at TCOTC. Membership fees are $25 for a Single Membership and $35 for a Household Membership. If you are a new member, you will be prompted to choose a membership level upon enrolling for Visiting Dog 1.
Be sure to check our policies for children in class and allowed training equipment.