Skills Evaluations

Have you already done some training with your dog at another training school? Starting with beginner classes at TCOTC might not be appropriate for you. To begin training with us at upper levels, you will need to get a skills evaluation.

Dogs with no prior formal training should begin with Basic Obedience Training. To ensure progress at TCOTC, handlers and their dogs must be familiar with and use positive reinforcement using a clicker or marker sound.

An obedience skills evaluation is a simple assessment tool to let the instructor place you in an appropriate class. The first step is to complete the Previous Training and Skills self-assessment. Within seven business days of receiving your responses, we will let you know which level or which classes are appropriate for you and your dog.

Please familiarize yourself with our philosophy on positive training and allowed training equipment. Handlers must be familiar with positive reinforcement and able to use a clicker or marker sound. Prong collars, choke chains, and e-collars (also known as shock collars) are not permitted when training at TCOTC.

Complete Previous Training and Skills Self-Assessment