Puppy Prodigy

Puppy Prodigy is an alternative to Basic Training Obedience class for graduates of the TCOTC Puppy Socialization or Tweeners programs. This class will help your puppy develop a broad range of skills including the those taught in basic training as well as retrieve, play, handler focus, body awareness and tricks. The class is 9 weeks and designed for people interested in dog sports (competitive obedience, agility, flyball, etc.). Puppies must start before they reach 6 months old. It is customary to repeat the class multiple times until the puppy reaches one year of age.

Session length: 9 classes
Puppy Socialization or Tweeners and Basic Training Orientation. (Orientation is held on the first week of a 7-week Basic Obedience Training session. You may attend any orientation. You do not need to register for the Basic Training Class in order to attend orientation.)
Fee: $120

Puppy Prodigy class sessions are scheduled 3 times per year on Mondays at 8:15 pm and Thursdays at 5:50 pm.