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1. I understand and use mark-and-reward training with a clicker or other sound:
 yes no

2. Please describe or list your marker sounds:

3. My dog sits on one verbal cue from a stand:
 yes no

4. My dog downs on one verbal cue from a stand and sit:
 yes no

5. My dog can walk politely with me for 6 feet and turn left or right with me:
 yes no

6. My dog can walk politely toward a minor distraction:
 yes no

7. My dog can remain in a sit or down position for 30 seconds until I return and release them:
 yes no

8. Please list your release word or words:

9. My dog comes away from a minor distraction when I call their name:
 yes no

10. My dog comes to touch my hand from 6 feet away:
 yes no

11. My dog leaves food alone in my palm or on the floor without being told:
 yes no

12. My dog runs to a mat from 6 feet away and lays down on cue:
 yes no

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