Corrie Barrows, Member Services Manager

Meg Beisner, Instructor, Obedience

Jessika Bell, Desk Volunteer

Saige Bell, Instructor, Agility

Anne Bentley, Instructor, Agility

Sherri Besaw, Instructor, Obedience

Katie Brittan, Instructor, Agility

Alexis Erickson, Instructor, Agility

Katie Ferriera, Assistant, Obedience

Heidi Fisk, Instructor, Agility

Renee Foster, Instructor, Behavior (Changing Attitudes)

Anitra Francis, Desk Volunteer

Vasu Ganesha, Desk Volunteer

Donna Grabowski, Instructor, Obedience

Sharon Grant, Assistant, Obedience and Instructor, Freestyle

Leia Gravon, Obedience Assistant

Leia began assisting with obedience training in  2016. She assists in nearly all obedience training, but her favorite is intermediate obedience. Leia has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, in which she focused on learning and behavior.

Brittany Herink, Desk Volunteer

Wendy Henes, Desk Volunteer

Tricia Hetue, Assistant, Obedience

Dan Houg, Instructor, Agility

Jim Hoffman, Assistant, Obedience

Jane Jacobson, Department Head, Obedience and Flyball

Sarah Jeatran, Desk Volunteer

Annie Johns, Assistant, Obedience

Susanne Jones, Desk Volunteer

Meera Kannan, Assistant, Obedience

Kory Kaye, Instructor, Agility

Tonni-Sue Keinz, Assistant, Agility

Robin Kilbury, Instructor, Agility

LaDonna Kool, Assistant, Agility

Marsha LeDuc, Instructor, Agility

Taylor McCoy, Desk Volunteer

Scott McKenzie, Instructor, Obedience

Scott started as a student at TCOTC in 2008 with his first dog, a German Shepherd named Tucker. He began teaching at TCOTC 2013. Scott teaches Basic and Puppy Basic Obedience, as well as all Tier 2 Classes. He is certified in Pet Emergency First Aid and Canine CPR. He is also a Certified AKC Canine Good Citizen and Tricks Evaluator. Scott has won CD Obedience Titles, and NA Agility Titles.

Sharon Mordorski, Instructor, Obedience

Kathy Murphy, Instructor, Agility

Jim Nally, Instructor, Agility

Vanessa Niemi, Obedience Instructor

An instructor/assistant since 2016, Vanessa teaches basic obedience and most tier 2 classes, and assists in all obedience classes. In addition, Vanessa is an assistant in Puppy Agility and in the Changing Attitudes class. She also volunteers as a board member at the front desk. She also manages the club’s retail store and is always searching for new treats and toys for our members to try with their dogs. She recently earned a t\pet first aid and CPR certification and is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC).

Vanessa says she has fun training with her 4 year old GSD Baxter in obedience, rally, lure coursing and agility. “I am passionate about training dogs and their handlers. My goal is to develop a relationship between the human/dog team. I especially like working with reactive dogs and teaching handlers how to manage their behavior.”

Rhonda Noetzelman, Assistant, Obedience & Tracking

Carol Ouhl, Therapy Department Head

Carol is the Therapy Department Head and lead instructor. She began teaching at TCOTC in 1992 and currently teaches Therapy Dog Levels 1, 2, and 3, and is also responsible for developing the program’s curriculum. Carol has been a therapy dog handler for 30+ years and has been a Pet Partners Therapy Animal Evaluator of 10 species of animal for 25 years. Carol is a retired Member of the National Therapy Animal Organization Incident Evaluation Team and the Author/Developer of species-specific evaluation criteria, procedures and score sheets. Two of Carol’s therapy dogs were featured for 5 years on Animal Planet’s K9 to 5 TV series and in Colleen Needles’ book of the same name. Carol and her dog were a National Therapy Dog of Year 2009 Nominee-Delta Society. Carol’s dogs have titled in Rally, Obedience, Tricks, Farm Dog, and she handled the #5 nationally ranked German Shepherd in Obedience Open, as well as the breed champion nationally ranked #7 Schipperke in Rally and Obedience.

Rachel Otter, Desk Volunteer

Mary Beth Percy, Instructor, Obedience

I’m Mary Beth Percy and I started taking classes at TCOTC in 2000.  One thing led to another and I began assisting and then teaching obedience, rally and tracking.  I also served as head of the tracking department. Currently I love teaching a puppy socialization class and take scent/nosework and agility classes with my current dog Annie.

I have attended seminars in dog training techniques, obedience, agility and scentwork. In addition I have titled my dogs in obedience, rally, agility, tracking, earthdog, scentwork and nosework.  I have earned an AKC versatility title, a CDSP obedience high in trial ribbon and, as seen in the photo, an AKC Master Agility Champion title.

Marisa Petersen, Instructor, Obedience

Marisa has been a TCOTC member since 2009. She became an assistant instructor in 2013 and has been an instructor since October 2013. She teaches tier 2 classes such as Impulse Control, Public Manners, Household Manners, and Intermediate Obedience. Marisa received the Dale Weyhrich Spirit Award in 2015 which recognizes staff members who embody the best of the late Dale Weyhrich’s character: encouraging others to have fun with their dogs, and motivating people to be active members of our community.

Marisa received her CPDT-KA dog training certification in 2014 .She is also an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator. Her dog Kenzo is a certified Canine Good Citizen and has earned his Nose Work 1 title. Equally impressive, Marisa says, is that “Kenzo happily relaxes while I clip and Dremel his toenails, stands calmly while I brush his teeth with an electric toothbrush, runs to his kennel when the doorbell rings, waits politely at doors, keeps the yard clear of squirrels… Okay, I didn’t train that last one but Kenzo thinks that is his favorite achievement.”

Gina Pizzo, Instructor, Agility

Wendy Plager, Desk Volunteer

Rachel Sanzone, Assistant, Obedience

Hannah Schewe, Desk Volunteer

Christina Schultz, Instructor, Obedience

Jim Shea, Instructor, Conformation

Eva Skellie, Assistant, Obedience

Paula Sotirin, Assistant, Agility and Obedience

Katina Stamp, Instructor, Obedience

Luann Tillman, Instructor, Agility

Julia Torgersen, Instructor, Agility

Sage Van Voorhis, Assistant, Flyball

Mary Verness, Instructor, Obedience

Ellen Voeller, Instructor, Obedience

Steve Voeller, Assistant, Obedience

Laura Waudby, Instructor, Obedience

Laura has been an instructor at TCOTC since 2008. Her primary focus in teaching is ring confidence and preparation to get happy, motivated dogs in the competition ring. She teaches Advanced Obedience, Competition Obedience, Ring Confidence, and Bye Bye Cookie, a relatively new class designed to transition your dog away from relying on rewards to offer the desired behavior. She also instructs students worldwide for the prestigious Fenzi Dog Sports Academy online training school. Laura’s novice A dog earned his UDX in obedience and was invited to the National Obedience Championships 2 years in a row before an injury forced his early retirement. She has also competed in agility, earning multiple championship titles in different organizations.

Dan Webster, Desk Volunteer

Karen Wennberg, Assistant, Obedience

Christina Wessel, Instructor, Agility

Vicki Willett, Desk Volunteer