Nose/Scent Work

Learn how to motivate your dog to hunt independently. Dogs self-reward through treats or toys to develop problem-solving abilities and confidence in a variety of environmental situations involving boxes. Students observe dogs’ body language and movement to determine if they have come into the food or toy scent. This beginning class is designed for dogs without experience in scent work and for students who want to enjoy watching their dogs just be dogs. Skills built in this class will become the basis for those who wish to compete in nose work trials in the future. It can be repeated, with the difficulty adjusted to challenge and engage each dog. (We will focus on target odor in the intermediate class.)

This class follows the training practices of NACSW — the National Association of Canine Scent Work — but the knowledge will benefit students participating in scent work competition of other organizations as well. Bring a variety of motivating treats and toys to class.

Dogs not working to find the treats or toys will be crated in the class so that all students are able to watch each dog work without distraction. Crates provided; or, you may bring your own from home.

Session Length: 6 classes
Prerequisite: Basic Training or successful skills evaluation
Fee: $110 (Limit of 3 voucher spots available)