Visitors to Thursday’s agility classes or open-ring time are likely to be greeted by Vicki Willett, a 5+ year member who recently began volunteering at the front desk. Vicki has worked with animals for many years, from rehabilitating squirrels to caring for birds. She trains her two dogs, Suki and Boo, in agility and obedience at the club.

“I’ve always been interested in behavior, both animal and human” said Vicki. “I trained birds before I trained dogs, and I’ve also worked with children.” In all cases, she says the idea is the same: reward the behavior you like, and try to ignore what you don’t like!

Vicki first heard about the club more than 10 years ago, when she attended a class on dog behavior and genetics. She joined a few years later when she adopted Boo. After retiring for health reasons recently, Vicki found herself with time on her hands and on a fixed income. Volunteering at the desk not only fills a few hours but also allows her to earn vouchers to put toward training classes.

Hang around Vicki for a little while, and she’s likely to tell you the story of the time she and Boo were walking in a local cemetery on Halloween. Boo got away from her and fell into an open grave. “I was wandering around the cemetery looking for her, yelling ‘Boo! Boo!’” Fortunately the caretaker found her the next day and the two were reunited. And, yes, she still walks Boo – and now Suki – in the cemetery.

Thanks, Vicki, for all you do for TCOTC!