A message from our board president:
Over the six years I have been a member of TCOTC, I have been consistently impressed by the values our members and staff demonstrate every day.
I’ve seen it when our instructors place the safety of our dogs and their humans paramount in classes. I’ve seen the community come together when one of our members lost a cherished partner from a rare canine cancer. I’ve seen it in the eyes of people and their dogs as they play and have fun together on Game Night. I’ve even seen it in the commitment to positive training in so many of our members, including Trish, a Moose Lake resident who has renewed her membership every year for 13 years! Observing these values in action, values which I share, has deepened my commitment to TCOTC.
As a volunteer organization, we attract and keep members through our shared values. These values not only bind us together as human beings, but they also create a sense of community that helps us achieve more than any one person could possibly do. Our shared values are the building blocks of our Club.
Recently, your Board of Directors defined six specific values that we felt best represent TCOTC. They are:
  • Community: We are a welcoming organization committed to building “pawsitive” relationships.
  • Fun: We encourage and incorporate fun in our activities.
  • Diversity: We respect and support diversity in people, dogs, ideas and activities.
  • Learning: We promote lifelong learning and excellence in education.
  • Leadership: We inspire leadership at every level of our organization.
  • Safety: We emphasize safety awareness and healthy lives.
These values now serve as guidelines for decisions by club leadership and staff and ensure alignment to meet our growing opportunities now and in the future.
Thank you for all you do to make Twin Cities Obedience Training Club the Premier Club of the North.
Yours sincerely,
Stephen M. Dent
President, Board of Directors