From Puppy Parent to Obedience Instructor

When Scott McKenzie joined TCOTC as a member in 2007, he simply wanted to socialize and train Tucker, his adorable new German Shepherd puppy. He never imagined that he’d be with the club nine years later, both as a student with Tucker in Agility as well as an obedience instructor.

Scott, who runs a catering business when he’s not training dogs, was inspired to become a trainer by Patty Fulton, one of his obedience instructors at TCOTC. “She told me, ‘You’d be a good teacher,’ and that planted the seed in my mind,” Scott explained. A year later, Obedience Department Head Jane Jacobson invited him to become an assistant instructor, also sensing his natural ability, and he accepted.

Now a lead instructor, his favorite class to teach is Basic Obedience.

“I like seeing what happens with the relationship between a dog and its handler after six weeks,” he said. “And I like seeing how thrilled people are with the change.”

He always encourages his Basic students to continue training. “Your dog is going to learn, whether or not you are in charge of it. By training, you are sure to be in charge of it.”

TCOTC thinks that’s sound advice, and we’re thrilled to have Scott on our team.