TCOTC Diversity: We respect and support diversity in people, dogs, ideas and activities.

At TCOTC, diversity is one of our core values and is reflected in many aspects of our club. It is beautifully represented in the variety of our canine members. The TCOTC Diversity poster in our entryway features one unlikely pair of dogs belonging to two of our amazing Desk Volunteers, Anitra Francis and Taylor McCoy.

River, the 11 lb. “Chug” (Chihuahua and Pug mix), is 7.5 years old. She was a 7-month old rescue dog from Missouri, with a broken leg, when she was taken into foster care by Anitra, an intake coordinator for Secondhand Hounds in Minneapolis. By the time River was fully recovered, she had become a permanent member of Anitra’s household.

Victor is Taylor’s 2.5-year old, 90 lb. Doberman Pinscher from Van Orman Dobermans in Texas, a breeder of championship Dobermans for over 25 years. His AKC registration name is “I Dreamed a Dream,” after the song from the musical Les Miserables. His call name, Victor, is a nod to the author of the novel Les Miserables, Victor Hugo. Victor is incredibly sweet and Taylor affectionately calls him “Baby.”

From Affenpinchers to Xoloitzcuintli (or Mexican Hairless Dog), our membership includes an incredible variety of dogs. The most common dog found at TCOTC is the Lab mix, accounting for about 8 percent of our dogs, followed by pure bred Golden and Labrador Retrievers at about 6 percent each. Mixed breed, pure bred, rescue, young or old, we love each and every one.

TCOTC Diversity extends beyond our human and canine members. Our members tell us that one of the top reasons they joined TCOTC is for the broad range and full line of classes and activities that we offer. We are committed to offering something for everyone whether their goal is a well-mannered, well-adjusted pet, fun activities for dogs and their handlers, therapy or competitive trials and sports at every level. It’s common for members join with one type of training in mind to get hooked on something else.

For example, Taylor planned to train Victor in Basic Obedience and Conformation to prepare for competition in traditional dog shows. She discovered that he was very intuitive in Obedience class. According to Taylor, “He loved It and considered Obedience his favorite sport.” They have advanced to Rally Obedience where they have had great success. The team also has fun in Agility and recently took up dock diving.

River, the Chug, is both ”sassy and persistent” according to Anitra. She and Anitra are both very well suited for Agility, competing at a high level around the country in NADAC and UKI Agility Trials. And just for fun they recently enrolled in the new Freestyle class offered by TCOTC. Freestyle, sometimes referred to as Dog Dance, builds teamwork and creativity by putting obedience and tricks skills to music.

From Freestyle to Flyball, and from Aussies to Viszlas, TCOTC celebrates the great variety and diversity in the dog world, our membership and in our broader community.