TCOTC membership dues are $25 per year for a single person and $35 per year for a household. A single membership assumes the same person will handle the dog at each class. A household membership allows for multiple handlers to take turns in the training ring.  A household can have an unlimited number of members, but only two over the age of 18 can vote on club issues.

TCOTC members receive:

  • Access to great trainers and advice
  • Cost-effective training using positive methods
  • A vote in the governance of your club
  • Access to a lending library of reviewed and approved titles
  • Access to a club store with recommended training aids

Members are eligible for discounted rates on select special event registrations.


The club is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, who meet on the second Tuesday of every month.  Board meetings are open for club members and staff, and member participation is welcomed. Board members are elected for three-year terms, with three positions coming up for election at each Annual Meeting. Annual meetings are held on the second Tuesday in January. The current board members are:

Stephen Dent, President
Lindy Luopa, Vice President
(vacant) , Recording Secretary
Judy Galbraith, Corresponding Secretary
Karen Radford, Treasurer
Ann McKasy, Board Member
Tonni-Sue Keinz, Board Member
Vanessa Niemi, Board Member

Mary Steinbauer, Accountant/Bookkeeper
Anne Schenk, Executive Director
Corrie Barrows, Member Services Manager
Julia Torgersen, Facility/Rental Manager

Board Meeting Minutes: