Flyball is a relay race in which two teams compete against each other. A flyball team consists of four main dogs and their handlers, a boxloader, and one or two alternate dogs and handlers. A dog from each team races over a series of four hurdles, steps on a flyball box, catches a tennis ball that flies out of the box, and returns with the ball over the hurdles and across the start/finish line. The race is won by the first team to have all four dogs successfully complete their runs.

Dogs must be in good physical condition and at least one year of age. Dogs that have basic obedience skills and are well-socialized to people and other dogs will be most successful.

The best way to learn flyball is to take the Introduction to Flyball class offered at TCOTC. This class will teach you and your dog the fundamentals of flyball.

Graduates of our Introduction to Flyball class may choose to continue perfecting their flyball skills in our Level 2/3 Flyball class. Graduates of the Level 2/3 class are encouraged to join a flyball team that will help them achieve their personal goals and so that they may compete in tournaments. TCOTC sponsors the High Spirits Flyball team and they are currently seeking new members. You can learn about other teams in Minnesota by visiting or

There are many Flyball tournaments in the Metro area throughout the year (including TCOTC’S). Many of these tournaments are held right here at TCOTC. View the club calendar to see when the next tournament will be held at our club. There is never an admission fee to come and watch flyball tournaments and it is an excellent way to learn more about the sport and to meet the people involved.

Flyball 1

Flyball 1

Flyball 1 uses positive training techniques to teach your dog the core skills of flyball while also emphasizing fun and safety.

Due to the physical requirements of flyball, your dog must be at least one year of age. Necessary skills include sit, down, walk politely on leash, focus on handler while another dog and handler walk by, recall from 30 feet away, and recall with a mild distraction.

Prerequisites: A minimum of one tier two obedience class or successful skills evaluation

Fee: $120 for 9 weeks.

Start Date: Fall/Winter session dates TBD

How to enroll: You may be eligible to enroll in the Introduction to Flyball class if you meet one of the following:

  • Option 1: Your dog has successfully completed Basic Training and one other obedience class at TCOTC.
  • Option 2:  You have completed the skills self-assessment and have been approved for the class.

To be notified when a class is scheduled, please click on the link below.







Foundation Agility

Flyball 2/3

Graduates of Flyball 1 continue to develop their flyball skills in Flyball 2 and 3 classes. Refine the box turn, strengthen jumping consistency and develop passing skills in hopes of preparing the dogs to join a competition team.

Prerequisite: Flyball 1
Fee: $95