Facility Rental Information

The entire club, or portions of it, are available for rental for your event.

TCOTC reserves the right to have a paid staff member present at rentals for an additional fee. Fees/rates for long term and annual contracts may be negotiated on an individual basis. For more information or to set up a rental contract, please use the contact form below


Rental Fee

Equipment Fee

Damage Deposit

Rental fees for floor space only – additional fee for equipment use as noted in next column
Renter Option
Meeting Room (MR) Less than 4 hrs = $50
hrs up to 8 hrs = $95
more than 8 hours = $145
Ring Room (RR)
(93′ x 88′)
$35/hour (2 hour minimum)
(120′ x 68′)
$35/hour (2 hour minimum)
(agility equipment)
Meeting Room & Ring Room $46/hour (2 hour minimum)
Meeting Room & Annex $46/hour (2 hour minimum)
(agility equipment)
Star Room $20/hour (2 hour minimum)
Ring Room & Annex $52/hour (4 hour minimum)
(agility equipment)
Entire Facility
(29,400 sq ft)
$70 hour (4 hour minimum)
(agility equipment)
Event Rates *
(Friday noon through Sunday)
entire facility = $1,400
(includes $260 cleaning)
MR & (RR or Annex) = $875
(includes $160 cleaning)
RR or Annex = $750
(includes $130 cleaning)
Flyball $90
Agility $400
Optional Event Services Friday clear and configure Annex & Ring Room for specific event (agility, obedience, flyball, etc.) = $260
Sunday restore Annex & Ring Room to pre-event configuration = $260
Renters are still obliged to pick up litter, empty garbage and waste containers, wash dishes, etc.
*All rates include 8.025% sales tax

*Event rates are applicable when the rental area is not available for club use or other rental Friday night and/or Saturday night. The Star Room and adjoining offices are not included in any rental contract at this time, including “Entire Facility” contracts.

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