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Please join TCOTC for an overview on two recent canine research projects:

Heart Rate Variability and Dog Training Classes in the Twin Cities


Behavioral and Epigenetic Variations in Differently Socialized Puppies

TCOTC is honored to host two short presentations from local behavioral experts on their latest research projects.  Both projects were invited to present in October at the annual APDT conference in Virginia, and they received the 2nd and 3rd poster prizes.

Kate Anders will be presenting on her latest research on HRV and canine aggression.  She’ll outline her findings from the study, part of which occurred at TCOTC in the last year, and explain how HRV may change how we think about and train our dogs.

Katie Grillaert will be presenting on her Master’s Thesis research examining the behavioral and epigenetic differences between puppies raised in pet homes and those raised in captive dog packs.

These talks will be open to the general public and we promise to make the science understandable to non-academics!

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017
from 6:30-7:30pm

Twin Cities Obedience Training Club
2101 Broadway St NE, Minneapolis 55413

Suggested donation $5 per person

This is a lecture for people only, please plan to leave your dogs at home

Questions? Contact Kate@PrettyGoodDog.com