Here’s your chance to put all your training and hard work to the test! You and your dog are invited to compete in TCOTC’s annual AKC Obedience and Rally Trial. The competition starts with the basics: walking in heel position, coming when called and staying while being right next to other dogs. At higher levels, your dog […]

This specialized, 6-week workshop teaches positive methods to begin the training for your gun dog to be a working partner in the field. Skills developed include: Impulse Control Retrieve to Hand Directional Casting Whistle Signals Handler Focus This workshop is appropriate for all types of gun dogs: spaniels, pointers, and retrievers. Start date: Monday, September […]

Dogs & Storks is a parent education program for expecting families with dogs. This is a workshop for people only, please plan to leave your pets at home. See the full class description here.

Kinnickinnic State Park, 11983 820th Avenue, River Falls, Wisconsin Tracking is a sport that demonstrates a dog’s natural ability to recognize and follow the scent trail of a person. Trained dogs are kept on leash in a field and expected to follow an aged scent trail as their person follows along behind them. The judges also […]

Join us for an evening of just plain fun with your dog. Run through a maze, play tic tac toe, search for hidden treats and enjoy many other games with your dog. Burn up some of your dog’s energy while having a good time trying something new. All members are welcome to sign up at […]