Conformation Drop-in Classes

This class will teach owners/handlers how to best train and present their dogs for the Conformation ring. It simulates the ring experience and covers show/ring procedures, judges and judging protocols, stacking, gaiting, judge’s examinations, motivating/developing ring presence, and other aspects of the conformation experience. This class is geared towards building competitive teams, achieving optimal ring presence and team performance.

This class is for both novice and experienced handlers, and dogs/puppies of any age. Dogs are expected to have appropriate vaccinations for their age. Handlers provide their own show leads, collars, bait, etc.
Fee: $8 per class for members, $10 for non-members
Class Schedule:
Thursdays at 11:00am with Jim Shea
Thursdays at 7:00pm with Jim Shea

No preregistration is required for these classes, simply come to the club on class nights.

***Female dogs in season are allowed under certain circumstances. View the full policy here.