As a non-profit dog training club, the backbone of TCOTC is its members. This club belongs to its members, and without its members, TCOTC would not exist. Almost everyone who checks you in at the front desk, many of our assistant instructors, the board of directors, and many other positions at TCOTC are made up of volunteers. This generosity from our volunteers to get involved is why TCOTC exists.

A great way to earn free classes is to volunteer at the front desk. It is also a great way to meet everyone and their dogs coming in and out of the club. We are very short handed right now with front desk volunteers. We could use help any weekday, especially on Thursday evenings.

What do the desk volunteers do? (Training is provided on all of this)

  • Check in dogs in for their classes
  • Email homework to absent dogs and their handlers
  • Sell treats, collars, and other products
  • Register students for classes
  • Answer phones and handle questions

If you are interested in earning free classes and making an impact at your club, please do not hesitate to email us at!