Agility Volunteer Form


TCOTC depends on volunteers to make this a great event. Anyone, whether or not a TCOTC member, is eligible to help. We will inform you whether we can use your help via email or phone. To be considered for exemption from the random draw, click the checkbox below. 

NOTE: The Random Draw method allows the club to guarantee 35 worker spots per day that are exempt from the Random Draw. In order to be put on the worker list (which guarantees your entry in the trial) you must be willing to work at least 4 hours if the need arises. You must be willing to work at any time except when running or preparing to run your dog. We will do our best to assign your preferred job/time frame.

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 January 5-7, 2018 March 2-4, 2018 May 11-13, 2018 November 23-25, 2018

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Exemption from draw
 Please consider me for exemption from the draw.

I am available for the following jobs on the following days:

Ring Steward
(reset bars when they are knocked down and at jump height changes, straighten the chute in between dogs)
 Friday Saturday Sunday

Leash Runner
(Take leash from start line to finish line)
 Friday Saturday Sunday

Scribe Sheet Runner
(Take scribe sheets from scribe to score table)
 Friday Saturday Sunday

(Makes marks on paper when the judge raises a hand)
 Friday Saturday Sunday

Scribe Assistant
(Assist the scribe and timer where applicable)
 Friday Saturday Sunday

(Manage a timing device during each dog's run)
 Friday Saturday Sunday

Course Builder
(Move obstacles between classes as directed by the Chief Course Builder)
 Friday Saturday Sunday

Gate Steward
(Make sure dogs and handlers are lined up and ready to run)
 Friday Saturday Sunday

Equipment Set-Up
(Help setup at the show site before trial)

Equipment Tear-Down
(Help clean up after the show)

(Man concessions in the kitchen area)
 Friday Saturday Sunday

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