Agility Self-Assessment for Class Placement

Please note: This form is for handler/dog teams that already have some agility training and are looking to place into Level 2 (Beginner) through Level 6 (Competition) classes. For Foundation or Puppy Agility classes, please return to the Agility Program page for information on how to apply.

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Which class level are you interested in joining?

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Please complete all of the following:

1. How long have you had this dog?

2. What level(s) of Obedience training have you completed with this dog, and where?

3. What level(s) of Agility training have you completed with this dog, if any, and where?

5. What are your goals in agility with this dog?

6. Do you have any concerns about your dog's behavior?

If yes, please describe your concerns:

8. Have you trained any other dogs in agility?

If yes, what were the highest titles you earned and in which venue(s)?

9. Describe your dog's training and/or competition temperament (e.g., shy, easily stimulated, bored, eager to learn, calm, friendly, nervous)

10. What are your dog's training strengths (i.e., good focus, well-behaved, smart, enthusiastic, motivated, athletic)?

11. What are your dog's training challenges (i.e., leaves handler to visit, worried about other dogs, not food- or toy-motivated, strong-willed)?

12. What are your training and/or competition strengths and challenges?

Please rate your team's skills for the following:
Weaves: Needs workGoodExcellent

Contacts: Needs workGoodExcellent

Teeter: Needs workGoodExcellent

Jumping: Needs workGoodExcellent

Handling: Needs workGoodExcellent

Teamwork: Needs workGoodExcellent

Recall (comes when called): Needs workGoodExcellent

13. Please list any other questions or concerns you want us to be aware of:

Thank you! An instructor will contact you regarding class placement and an evaluation.